I will work with you from a grounded, heart-centered perspective, keeping you feeling positive about who you are, where you are, and where you are going. Deeply intuitive and guided by empathy, I will tune into you and help you acknowledge and move through any stuck energy, false beliefs, and habits that are not serving you. I will honor your uniqueness, your strengths, what is working for you, and expand from there. I will help you find the answers within you, so you can create the life you really want. We will work with the natural flow, letting it be easy and gentle. There are infinite positive possibilities available to you and I would love to help you obtain them.

How to work with me

picture of phone and tea

We are all different, choose which way is best for you:


The easiest way for some of us to tune into each other and stay grounded is to work by phone. Most HSP clients prefer working by phone since there is less incoming data stimulation. With less distraction, there is also a clearer picture for me to see you. Phone appointments will allow an opportunity for deeper integration, less resistance to clearing blocks, and it will be easier for you to focus and take notes. 


If you would rather, I am also happy to do video calls on Zoom. 


I am currently offering a special lower price for remote sessions, press the schedule now button for details.