eternally grateful

 “I started working with Dr. Deb in my mid-20s when I was suffering from severe anxiety that was slowly sinking me into depression. I was a victim of my own mind and continually found myself in the same situations over and over again, not understanding how I was the one putting myself there. Dr. Deb helped me gain control of my anxiety by teaching me tools to help change my body’s response when triggered. She’s also been instrumental in helping me re-frame my victim mentality and “the world is out to get me” mindset. I’m eternally grateful for the wisdom and tools Deb has shared with me in our work together. She has helped me change my life and regain control of my mental and emotional health.” Casey

amazing resource

"I love that I can speak with Deb from the comfort of my own home and after the session is over, I can sit there and journal, reflect, and soak in the session a little deeper. i live in New York City so this is much better than immediately having to leave an office and jump on a busy subway car only to have the fuzzy feeling of a productive session drowned out by the craziness of the world. Aside from the comfort of a phone session, Deb is such an expert at connecting on a personal level and is so attentive that I don't ever feel like there are miles between us - it always feels like she's sitting right there with me, guiding me through the process. Deb has been an amazing resource to me through many stages of life and big moves. I highly recommend her to anyone, and for those who lead busy lives, travel for work, or maybe want to pick up and move across the country - a phone session is a no brainer." Tyler 

Easy & Convenient

"I have worked with Deb Finch over the phone for the past 6 years. It is easy, convenient; and, I have found it to be highly effective. Deb is an excellent listener. Her thoughtful responses demonstrate that she clearly understands and quickly processes the situation offering intuitive, relevant, problem solving tools. She instinctively knows how much I need to tell my story in order to process it, is patient, allows me to finish and then collaborates with me to discuss ideas that help me move forward in my thinking. I highly recommend working with Deb over the phone and will continue to do so." Pam


"Deb is a masterful practitioner. She uses an incredible combination of EFT and intuitive insight to get to the core of the matter quickly. She understands where you are coming from, where you want to go, and how to take you there effortlessly with tremendous compassion and empathy. As a psychologist and fellow EFT Practitioner, my expectations are quite high, and Deb never ceases to amaze me with her skills and talent. I always eagerly look forward to my sessions."  Meena 

positive shifts

"Dr. Finch combines intuitive gifts, life experience, specialized training in cutting edge healing modalities, and the positive intention that you as the client will not only heal but will experience a greater version of your life.  Dr. Finch has profoundly assisted me in making tremendous positive shifts in my life. For a busy working mom like me, I also greatly appreciate how fast her healing creates shifts in clients." Kathryn

some fun too

"I have been working on shifting my outdated patterns of behavior for many years. I have tried everything and have had some success but still felt blocked from uprooting the core beliefs underlying these issues. EFT is one of the medicines of the future, enabling us to access and reprogram the subconscious mind in a profound, lasting way. Deb is truly gifted as a guide on this journey. I felt completely seen, heard and understood and we always had some fun in our sessions too! This work is amazing.." Sonia 

the tools I needed

"I was seriously depressed and at my wits end on how to cope with all the stresses of living in today's fast paced and changing world. Deb gave me the tools I needed to see the world in a much clearer and gentler fashion. I am a huge admirer and recommend her services to anyone that has the openness and desire to improve their life." Bruce 

skilled at helping

"Working with Deb has helped me keep my anxiety at bay. She has a calming presence that can be felt even over the phone. She is so skilled at helping me understand the way I'm feeling and why I am feeling that way; she acknowledges those emotions and then helps me move forward through discussion and tools that have been overwhelmingly effective for me. I have met with Deb both in person and over the phone and am so impressed with the way in which she is able to be just as effective through a phone call. I feel lucky to have Deb as an amazing resource regardless of my location." Kerry

clear intentions

"Through Deb’s intuitive healing gifts, she has helped me design a new fabric of my life with clear intentions. She has helped me move forward with a subtle, gentle strength.  Dr. Finch has showed and taught me these valuable skills. Deb walks with grace that is inherent in her gentle make-up. She serves as the bridge, a link, tying humanity in unity. She is a gift to all.." Lane

a relief

"Since working with Deb my life is easier, more manageable and I find time for myself. My life is not crazy as it has been in the past. What a relief and wonderful way to be living! Thanks so much Deb." Patricia

Skills that work

"Deb is intuitive & spiritual. She guides you gently & intelligently. Mostly, she teaches you skills that work." Susan

tools to cope

"We tapped away long held fears I had hide behind-and replaced them with tools to cope and a better understanding of what I need to do/and to let go of, to make myself happy. Thanks Deb! "Lisa